Prediction: Soon there will be topless equality

Why not? When Adam and Eve were given fig leaves, I don’t recall either one being told they had to wear a top. Besides, its not like women will be topless everywhere. Men aren’t.

You will probably not see topless women walking around the supermarket anymore than you would see topless men. Then again, maybe at Walmart.

I personally appreciate more modesty. A topless woman walking down the street will surely catch my attention but it would seem staged and insincere. I am all for gender equality but that does not mean “sameness.” I also have no intention of growing out and polishing my nails though I will fight to the death for my home boys to be able to do so.

I just wish those women in the photo would stop marching on my home. I give in. I now decree the choice of toplessness a fundamental human right.

P.S. I thought I was like the Nostradamus of breasts.  I swear I came up with this prediction well before seeing pictures and learning that an organization exists to advocate for topless equality.  I was surprised to learn that topless equality is actually the law of most states. Check it out here.