Rise of Kingdoms is a complex civilization-building video game played on mobile devices and computers.  Players work with others around the world to meet shared goals of diplomacy and growth.

I love playing RoK. It is not idle distraction though you can choose to make it that. The game brings me together with people from all over the world to work toward common goals. For the most part, the things that often separate people in the real world — race, politics, religion, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, age — these things don’t matter. There are some un-evolved morons but they are shunned by the majority. RoK is a game of strategy, economics. diplomacy, peace and war. It would be cool enough to play alone (looking back at Sid Meir’s Civilization series of computer games) but to play with such a diverse group of people makes it so much better.

Here are some tips on how to play Rise of Kingdoms. These are in no particular order. I just started writing. Mind you, this is pretty basic stuff. There are people who know so much more than me. Thank you to “Colton the Great” who has taught me.

This blog is a work in progress.  Feel free to add your own tips in the comments.

For the alliance!

  • Farm on your own territory as much as possible:  When you farm on alliance territory, you get a bonus and so does everyone else in the alliance.  This is how alliance resources are generated.  Some portion goes back to the players while some is used by the alliance to build technology, fortresses, flags and other necessities.  This is not an absolute rule.  If you find much larger resource plots on neutral territory, then do that.  It is important to grow your resources.  But if you can use a level 4 stone plot in-territory instead of a level 5 outside the territory, it will help a lot in the long run.
  • Donate to technology:  This is how technological advances are made. These tech advances can have a huge impact on game play. Always donate the maximum. You are not expected to also use gems but if you do, thank you from your alliance.
  • Participate in rallies:  One of the tell-tale signs of a good alliance is member participation in rallies.  We all grow faster and have more fun.  This includes all types of rallies: barbarians, barbarian fortresses, Lohars and, especially, enemy cities, flags and fortresses when at war.
  • Participate in chat:  It’s fun and it makes us more effective and coordinated as an alliance.
  • Participate in special events:  Great rewards can be had by participating in Ark of Osiris and other events.  Good participation in special events is a mark of a good alliance.
  • Share information:  I have learned so much from other players and I try to help whenever I can.  Knowledge you think is obvious may be unknown to others in your alliance.  Did you ever wonder how players can hop quickly across resource plot to run down or away from other players?  Is there an item you have trouble finding?  Ask and share.
  • Talk on voice apps:  Typing in chat is key to having fun, learning and playing but talking brings you closer to other alliance members. I have also found it really helpful to have longer, more in-depth discussions by voice.  Whether it be Discord, Overtone or another app, this can greatly add to your enjoyment.  Voice apps also allow for coordination during game play such as battles and special events.  Language can be a barrier.
  • Use your replenished action points (AP):  We all get AP replenished without using earned or purchased AP points.  Once the meter is filled, you get no more.  Using the supply before the meter is filled maximizes your free replenishment.
  • Watch videos:  YouTube has tons of RoK tutorials and lessons, some very general and others amazingly specific.  Want to know how to best select and use your commanders?  Ark of Osiris getting you down?  Watch a video.  I like Chisgule Gaming but there are other good ones.
  • Join the most powerful alliance:  Larger alliances have great advantages including better technology, more players to join rallies, more strength and defense, greater diplomatic and political clout, and more people with whom to play.  Larger alliances are usually not open to everyone.  Most have minimum strength requirements and other criteria.  Join the largest alliance you can and focus on your growth.  The exception to all of this is that you may find a smaller alliance with great people, leadership opportunities or other benefits.
  • Constantly build armies: Building troops should be the primary use of your resources.
  • Constantly farm: When your troops are not otherwise committed, farm.
  • Make a Quick-Play Strategy: In order to grow fast, you must play a lot. Many elements of the game require frequent logins throughout a day in order to best take advantage of growth tools. Most of us have real lives where we work, sleep and spend time with others. This means we can develop a strategy for signing in during our busy days and being very deliberate with a short amount of time. For your coffee-break login, do the following: (1) send out your farmers. Always send your first army to the alliance resource plot if available; (2) collect the resources in your city to reset the farming capacity; (3) open your free treasure chest(s) in the tavern. Got extra time? Great. Do the following: (1) use your action points to kill some barbarians before sending out your farmers to reset the AP meter; (2) complete as many daily objectives as possible.

Questions? Have a tip to share?